The Maxilator Bale Cracker easily cuts through plastic wrap, net wrap, and twine. A single operator can pick up, move, and unwrap bales up to 5’x 6’ without leaving their seat. Even the wrapping is remotely released for maximum efficiency.


The Maxilator Bale Cracker is a unique and simple way to move and feed net wrapped dry hay and tube line wrapped baleage. Its patented Wrap Retention Mechanism pierces a bales covering while a simple knife section using common sickle bar mower blades cuts through net and wrapping material.

Once the net is cut and firmly gripped one fork pivots up and away from the bale allowing the bale to drop to the ground while the wrapping lifts up and away eliminating the chance for it to be ingested by your animals and keeping you in the operators seat, out of the weather and away from hungry animals.


Bale Cracker Specifications:

  • Length: 83 inches
  • Width: 67 inches forks open
  • 46 inches forks closed
  • Height: 43 inches
  • Weight: 690 pounds

Hydraulic Requirements:

  • One Double Acting Hydraulic Circuit
  • With At Least 1900 psi.
  • 12 Volts Power Supply From The Source


  • Saves Labor, Time, and Keeps Operator Safe in Cab
  • Grab Bale, Cut The Wrap, Drop the Bale, And Then Discard The Wrap, All Remotely
  • Wrap is Retained with A Patent Pending Proprietary Mechanism
  • Fully Remote Operation
  • Operator Does Not Have To Get On & Off Machine To Cut Or Remove Wrap
  • Removes Covering To Prevent Possible Ingestion and Subsequent Loss Of Livestock

Versatile & Durable

  • Available with Skid-Steer, Euro Global, Deere 500 and 600 Series
  • Mounts – Dozens of Other Mounts
  • Available for Most Tractors Call For More Info
  • Handles Dry Hay in Net Wrap or Haylage In Line Wrapped Round Bales
  • Opens 4 and 5 Foot Round Bales
  • Bales Can Be Wrapped In Anything
  • Plastic Wrap, Net Wrap, Combined Wrap, And Twine
  • Durable Plasticoat Finish Resists
  • Rain, Provides Better Rust Prevention

Industry Leader

  • Easy Handling, Maintenance & Repair
  • Lightweight Design Keeps Bale Close And Your Machine Balanced
  • Modular Components Allow For Straightforward Replacements
  • Including Blade Teeth And Net Hook Assemblies