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The Maxilator Accumagrapple is a heavy duty small square hay bale accumulator grapple system for tractors with front end loaders and skid steer or compact track loaders. It allows one person with one machine to gather, load, and unload hundreds of bales of hay in a single day.

The Accumagrapple can gather and lift as many as ten 14”x18” small square bales weighing at least 40 pounds, of good density and ideally 39” long then stack them in an interlocking pattern so transporting and storing hay is safer and easier.

Bales can easily be off loaded or removed from storage if four of the five divider plates are disconnected from the frame. This conversion can be easily made in about five minutes. One side panel is left on, so groups of bales stay square and tight. Hay can easily be removed from storage 1 to 10 bales at a time for sale or feeding.

The Maxilator Accumagrapple was designed by farmers and is made in the United States. Maxilator products are available worldwide through a large and diverse dealer network. The Accumagrapple is backed by a five year warranty.


Attach your Accumagrapple to your skid steer or tractor, hook the single hydraulic circuit, and carry your Accumagrapple to the field raised off the ground high enough to clear any obstacles. Always be aware of your surroundings and move at a safe speed. Take care of the extended length and swing radius that an Accumagrapple adds to your machine.

  • Gathers hay bales in the field
  • Carries the bales, 10 at a time
  • Lifts the bales onto a truck or a trailer
  • Unloads the bales at the barn
  • Stacks the bales in your storage area
  • Use with either tractor or a skid loader
  • Rustproof thermoplastic coating


As you approach the hay bales, lower the unit until it is gliding a few inches above the ground. Push the bales forward, letting them slide to the back of the channels. When in position, lock the bales in with the hydraulic-powered hooks and lift the machine off the ground until you reach the next group of bales. We recommend lifting the bales whenever possible to reduce chances of dirtying your bales.

Once you have ten bales accumulated, carry the stack to your truck, trailer, or directly to the storage site. Stack the bales and release with the remote hydraulic hooks. If possible, alternate the stack direction to make best use of the tie bales.

Repeat until you’re done within the comfort of your skid steer or tractor. The Accumagrapple makes the backbreaking labor of loading square bales downright fun and easy!



  • Height: 30″
  • Length: 83″
  • Width: 88″
  • Weight: 790 lbs
  • Hydraulic requirements: One double-acting remote circuit
  • Capacity: 10 bales 39″ x 14″ x 18″ (40 lb as a typical grass hay)
  • Number of hooks: 24

Your Maxilator Accumagrapple is covered by a limited 5 year warranty. Click here to download the Maxilator Accumagrapple owners manual