Maximum Productivity

With Maxilator Farm Equipment

Maxilator is a division of Tie Down Manufacturing

Maxilator, as a division of Tie Down Manufacturing, benefits from our rich heritage of engineering-driven solutions dating back to 1969.

Located in Atlanta, GA, our 500,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art welding, cutting, and forming machinery, ensuring superior quality and custom solutions. As a multi-generation family-owned business, we remain committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of hay, debris, and material handling equipment for our valued farming community.


Accumagrapple User - The time savings are huge, if you're a one-man operations it's the ticket!

Glen Gordon: Gordan Farms Carleton Michigan

The Accumagrapple cut our labor costs in half, this is a must have for anyone who works hay.

Jonny Wilkerson: Kansas Farmer

Square bales are money and that's what keeps the fertilizer man out of your hair, the Accumagrapple is built to earn

John Taylor: Hay Enthusiast and Grassman, Alabama