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Maxilator: Hay Handling Equipment For American Farmers

Maxilator Equipment offers products and solutions for the American farmer. Every working industry looks for more efficient and innovative ways to improve their production. The farming industry is no exception. Farmers want to save time and money, especially on fuel and labor.

Who is Maxilator?

Handling hay bales requires hard work! A task that is time-consuming and backbreaking work. Maxilator makes feeding your livestock simple and safer.

Typically, farmers and hay producers operate with multiple workers loading and unloading hay bales on and off a truck or trailer, or feeding the bales to animals. With Maxilator equipment, handling hay does not need to be as difficult as before.

Maxilator proudly manufactures our products in the United States with the American farmer in mind. Our high quality and innovative equipment saves time and money. Maxilator stands by our mission statement of:

  • We passionately care for our customers and each other
  • We are learning, growing, and creating quality and value
  • We stay ahead of the curve for sustained access

Maxilator offers three options for hay handling equipment: the Accumagrapple, Bale Splitter and Bale Cracker.

Maxilator Accumagrapple: A Leading Accumulator Grapple

Instead of hay handling by hand, our square bale Accumagrapple offers a time-saving solution for loading and unloading small square bales! The Maxilator Accumagrapple works with tractors and skid steers allowing farmers to gather, load, and unload bales more efficiently!

The Accumagrapple gathers and lifts up to ten 14”x18” square bales and stacks them in an interlocking pattern. This makes transporting and storing hay bales safer and easier for workers.

The rust-proof thermoplastic coated Accumagrapple works as an attachment to your tractor or skid steer and satisfies these needs:

  • Gathers up to 10 hay bales at a time in the field
  • Lifts the bales onto a truck or trailer
  • Unloads and stacks bales in designated storage area
  • Removes and reloads hay bales when needed


Maxilator Bale Splitter: Bale Cutting Without the Hassle

Another fundamental aspect of hay baling is retaining and cutting. Hay producers use various wrappings to secure round hay bales. These materials usually include net, twine, or plastic. The round hay bale allows farmers to store them outside due to their shape and ability to preserve longevity.

Wrapping hay bales allows them to last longer and upkeep the quality, but farmers eventually cut the wrap for their livestock so they feed on the hay.

Maxilator’s Bale Splitter, or bale cutter, uses a patent-pending wrap retention mechanism to retain and discard the wrap remotely while still laying the bales. This allows the worker to operate the Bale Splitter without getting on and off the machine.

Our Bale Splitter cuts through:
  • Plastic wrap
  • Net wrap
  • Combined wrap
  • Twine

Along with improving bale feeding efficiency, the Bale Splitter prevents livestock from consuming the wrap and blocking their GI track, which could lead to the malnourishment and loss of livestock.

Maxilator Bale Cracker: All in One

Our Bale Cracker accomplishes everything a farmer needs for round bales! Maxilator’s Bale Cracker moves a single round hay bale anywhere it’s needed, then removes and secures the netwrap away from the drop site.

The Bale Cracker is our newest hay baling equipment and it provides a worker with a safer and more efficient environment. A worker’s safety stands at top priority as the operator moves, unwraps, and drops the wrap all while staying in their seat.

Just like the Bale Splitter, our Bale Cracker cuts through various net and plastic wraps. This also remove the wrap to keep your livestock safe from the harmful ingestion.

Talk to Us!

Maxilator works hard for the everyday farmer. Efficient and high-quality products, like the Accumagrapple, Bale Splitter and Bale Cracker, allow producers to save time and money.

Maxilator values the hard work and hours spent on your operation and we want to make the job easier for you!

Contact us online at Maxilator.com or call us at 1-866-HAYBALE (1-866-429-2253) to find a dealer near you.

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