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Farmers Enjoy Using Our Hay Handling - Hay Accumulator equipment to save time and money.

Maxilator hay handling equipment and hay accumulator equipment is designed for the American Farmer. All of our products are made with pride in the United States of America.

Founded by farmers that were looking to save time and eliminate costly labor Maxilator has grown to become  part of one America’s largest family owned manufactures of products for marine, mobile home, renewable energy, commercial and residential roofing, hardware, agricultural, hay handling, hay accumulator and safety.

Utilizing state of the art equipment, our team also has the experience to provide farmers and producers with equipment that adheres to the most stringent of standards.

Hay Handling - Hay Accumulator Equipment

Our results speak for themselves

In the beginning we had one mission and that was to pick up square bales without the hassles of labor that could be expensive, hard to find and even a liability. Hundreds of bales became thousands and what was a home brew solution became a product available nationwide that is often copied but never exactly duplicated.
As our capabilities and customer base grew we added the Bale Cracker to preprocess round bales and remove their net wrap. Maxilator is now adding more hay handling - hay accumulator products with our 72 inch Ultimate Duty Debri grapple for skid steer loaders, bale spears and carriers.

1 866-HAYBALE (429-2253)

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Made in America
Created for farmers by farmers

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Efficient Design
Save Time, Fuel, and Labor

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Increased Profits
We have a solution of each client Project

Backed by the best Manufacturers in the Business

Maxilator is a division of
Tie Down Manufacturing

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Tie Down was born from finding a better solution to a simple problem in 1969. The Tie Down Engineering-first philosophy guided us to becoming one of the most advanced custom manufacturing companies in the world today. Tie Down is obsessively passionate about designing, engineering, and custom manufacturing products that help make the lives of our customers better.
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Maxilator Hay Handling Equipment

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