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Maxilator only sells its products through a nationwide network of distributors that sell to local dealers. To find a distributor click HERE or call 1-866-HAY-BALE

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The Maxialtor Accumagrapple is designed for 10 bales with 8 picked up inline and the last 2 perpendicular however, you can pick up 8 or 12 bales in line.

If you prefer to bundle your bales then convert your Accumagrapple to a grapple and load trailers you can.  This may not be the most efficient method but we can’t predict your situation or how the Accumagrapple fits in to your operation.

An Accumagrapple weighs almost 1,000 pounds and every situation is unique. The weight of bales, lifting capacity, tip rating, terrain, and weight of tractor are very important. Call 1-866-HAY-BALE

We have done quiet of testing and gathered data from users over the years. There are some bales that just won’t split due to a combination of bale density, moisture content, and crop composition.  See our latest test info HERE.

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